Monday, February 2, 2015

2015 Summer Institute: Linking Social Studies and STEM

Join social studies and science educators in Grafton, Vermont, as we explore its architecture, landscape, forests, cemeteries, and historic resources as a model for how to explore our own communities.

Each day begins with an investigation of a particular community resource through presentation and a hands-on workshop that integrates Common Core ELA strategies and NGSS. Each afternoon includes a specific project-based challenge that asks individuals or teams to connect the material to their own classrooms and communities. 

Tuesday, June 23   
Community Forensics

Opening Presentation: What makes a community resilient?
Introduction to Field Study—Investigating a special place

Wednesday, June 24
Forest Forensics
Field study of an abandoned neighborhood in the woods from ecological and historical perspectives, using the landscape and primary documents. Soil profiling, census analysis, forest succession analysis

Thursday, June 25  
River Forensics
Field study of the watershed and river using water sampling, flora/fauna collecting, topographical maps

Introduction to community service and citizen scientist opportunities

Friday, June 26                    
Building Bridges
Field study of a covered bridge. What makes a bridge flood resistant? Engineering bridges in the classroom.

Meals and Lodging:
Lodging (and breakfast) is at the Grafton Inn and the cost of lodging is included in your registration fee.

Lunches are included and two dinners are provided.

Registration and Fees:
$450 registration fee for both commuters and lodgers.

Three graduate credits from Castleton State College will be available for a fee of $345 (there will be additional work and an August meeting for those taking the institute for graduate credit). 

To Register, go to:
The registration portal is on the green menu bar.

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