Monday, February 21, 2011

New England Prospect

The New England Prospect, by William Wood was originally published in London in 1634. This was the first book to provide reliable first hand information on British America for prospective colonists. Particular attention is paid to Native culture and the environment.

Before looking at the New England Prospect, spend some time analyzing the Abenaki Couple. See if Wood's description of Native American clothing adds to your analysis of the image.

Descriptive Question:

1. Based on Wood’s description, what did the Indians wear in winter?

Interpretive Question:

2. How would you describe Wood’s description of the Indians?

Admiring? Condescending? Arrogant? Sympathetic? Bewildered?

Analytical Question:

3. What makes you say this? How does he explain why they dress the way they do?

For background information to pull these two primary sources together, take a look at William Cronon's book, Changes in the Land, p. 102

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