Monday, February 28, 2011

An Abenaki Couple

This watercolor of an Abenaki couple provides us with opportunities to discuss the interactions between Europeans and Native Americans. Can you figure out how? Use the guiding questions below.

Look closely at this image. Make a detailed list of what you see. Go to this larger image and zoom in carefully.

Descriptive Question: What are they wearing?

Interpretive Question: What do you think their clothing is made from? How can you tell?

Analytical Question: Do you think this couple has had any interactions with Europeans? What makes you say that?

Continue your analysis by examining William Wood's 1734 New England Prospect.

Image Credit:
Abenaki Couple, an 18th-century watercolor by an unknown artist. Courtesy of the City of Montreal Records Management & Archives, Montreal, Canada. This version obtained from Wikipedia Commons

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