Monday, March 21, 2011

Mosbas and the Magic Flute

Jesse Bruchac has published a new book written in both English and Abenaki. A lesson story for all ages. Mosbas was far too shy to speak to girls. When he is given a magic flute, he finds its power too much to control and is eventually changed forever. You can actually download the book as a PDF here.

Connie Bresnahan, a Middle School teacher in Putney, VT, has used this book with her students combined with a visualization reading tool where students write down what they "see," "hear," "smell," "taste," and "feel." This tool provided a springboard for a lively discussion of both the story and the role of stories in Abenaki culture.

Teachers in spring workshops agreed that this would be a useful teaching tool to help students keep focused on the story and yet not be distracted by too many questions.

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