Settling Your Town

Grades 4 & 5
Using early maps from your town, paintings, and artifacts, students investigate how early settlers supplied their basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. 

Global Citizenship Proficiencies:

2. History: 
Identify and use sources for reconstructing the past.

5. Economics:
Explain ways people meet their basic needs

Literature Connection:

Diana Appelbaum, Giants in the Land
Donald Hall, The Ox-Cart Man

Pre-Visit Activities
This inquiry is best used within the context of a broader unit on the the early settlement of Vermont beginning with a study of the Abenaki and an overview of Abenaki Place Names as a beginning orientation to the geography of the region.

Post-Visit Activities
Dig deeper into the settlement of your community by examining your town's Charter as this lesson outlines.

Writing Task [Informational]: Create a "to-do" list of what your family needs to do upon arriving in the wilderness of your town.

Early Settlement Bibliography

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