Diary of a Little Girl

Grades 3 - 5
Students use the 1911 diary of Alice Bushnell to explore children's daily life in Vermont. Artifacts bring the diary to life and elicit comparisons between then and now.

Global Citizenship Proficiencies:

2. History: 

  • Explain differences between historic and present day objects and identify how the use of the object may have changed over time.
  • Identify and use sources for reconstructing the past.
Literature Connection: Donald Hall, Lucy's Christmas

Pre-Visit Activities
  • Read the 1911 diary of Alice Bushnell
  • Keep a short diary for a week listing at least three activities every day. What do you choose to include?
Post-Visit Activities

Writing Task [Descriptive]: After examining the artifacts connected to Alice Bushnell's life, describe how children's lives have changed today.

To schedule a visit or find out more, email Sarah Rooker: info@flowofhistory.org

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