Coming to America

Grades 3 – 5

Students unpack an immigrant’s trunk and learn about packing and traveling to America from the perspective of an immigrant child. Discussions will focus on the travel experience, what immigrants might have packed and why, and family and cultural traditions.

Global Citizenship Proficiencies:

2. History:
Identify and use sources for reconstructing the past.

3. Geography:
Describe the contributions of various cultural groups to Vermont and the U.S.

Literature Connection:

Amy Hest, When Jessie Came from Across the Sea

Pre-Visit Activities:
Discuss with students why people move. Read When Jessie Came from Across the Sea and discuss.

Post-Visit Activities:
Writing Task [descriptive] After exploring the immigrant's trunk, write a letter back home to your Grandmother describing your journey to America.

Ask students to write short essays about holiday traditions in their families.

To schedule a visit or find out more, email Sarah Rooker:

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