Civil War in Your Community

Grades 6 - 8
This inquiry lab launches a local soldier research project for your students.  Students will be introduced to the Vermont in the Civil War website and supported as they begin to investigate a local soldier. Cemetery Visit and Follow-up sessions available.

Global Citizenship Proficiencies:

1. Inquiry
Ask focused and probing questions.

2. History
Identify different types of primary and secondary sources.

4. Civics
Illustrate how individuals have brought about change locally and nationally.

Pre-Visit Activities:

This inquiry is best used within the context of a broader Civil War unit.  Students should understand the causes of the Civil War and have a general overview of the War itself before beginning the inquiry.

Post-Visit Activities:

This visit launches a full inquiry project on local Civil War soldiers and their contributions to the War. Full materials will be provided to carry the projects to completion.

To schedule a visit or find out more, email Sarah Rooker:

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