Monday, April 2, 2012

Reader's Theater

We tried out a Reader's Theater approach with the journal Brokenburn. First we assigned small groups excerpts from the journal. We chose our excerpts so we would progress through the writer's life as we read while at the same time highlighting key themes such as attitudes toward slavery and the civilian experience in war. Each excerpt was paired with a primary source:

Brokenburn Excerpt         Primary Source
 p. 86     excerpt from Solomon Northup
 p. 145-146Brokenburn 1860 Slave Schedule from
 p. 172-173 From Ulysses S. Grant, Personal Memoirs (1886)

Chapter XXX: The Campaign Against Vicksburg; Employing the Freedmen

[November-December 1862]
 p. 190 Brokenburn 1860 Census
 p. 218-219 Letter from Milliken's Bend
 p. 339-340 1880 Census

The instructions were simple--read through the excerpt, analyze the primary source, and come up with a very short reading that synthesizes the documents.  We had some insightful results!

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